Cynthia and I sat in the Dublin Diner

At the end of a school day when

Too early November frost

Had accumulated

on the window pane.

It was about 5:30 p.m. when back

In town cheerleaders were practicing

For the upcoming football game.

Cynthia knew something was wrong

But didn’t ask, preferring to

Talk to the waitress who told her

The specials for the day, then

Some corny joke.

My face was raw with pimples.

The waitress looked away

while I ordered

Mashed potatoes and applesauce.

Cynthia tried to make small talk

But my voice was hoarse and

I could barely talk.

Tears fell into my applesauce,

My face pressed against

the cold pane.

I don’t remember

what happened that day,

Maybe some boy

had made fun of me,

But I couldn’t talk about it.

Bluebird (July ‘17) comments on her lines, “Tears are blessings as they clear our hearts and minds and allow for clearing.  The tears that fell in this poem was when I was probably 16 wishing I had been a cheerleader, practicing, with others at school.  Tears have fallen many times after that. Along with happy tears there have been conquering tears, tears inspired by others and by my own successes.  Right now our whole family is filled with sadness and tears as a grandson, Aloha Sunbeam committed suicide last week.  Please go to my FACEBOOK page for more information. Thank you for appreciating my poetry; it is now my way of shedding tears.

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