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Your Mid-Month Reflection brought tears to my eyes.

This has been a rough summer, indeed, but your comments were heartwarming.


Fred (Apr.’16) adds, “Sorry to have missed the reunion. I was there in spirit.”



Cool Mid-Month Reflection on your Class Reunion!

Having gone to boarding school, 530 miles away from home, I missed much of that.

However, had other advantages and memories that I love.

Simon Stargazer

Simon Stargazer ( See THREAD for his poem and comment.)


Hi Frances.

Have fun at your reunion! I’ve enjoyed the ones of mine I have gone to.

Interestingly, I just saw a post on Facebook about Goshen.

Somebody was saying how much they liked that town. They were Quakers. Are there a lot of Quakers in that area?


Palma (Sept.’17) adds, “My back pain is improving, but incrementally. Pain seems to be a karmic thing. Every 18 years I have had a severe health/mental issue. So I’ll just have to hunker down and get through it.”


small bird


Your August’17 Mid-Month Reflection was a nice story of nature.  As you know I love birds especially bluebirds.  I have a pair in my birdhouse now.  I enjoy watching them especially the female with her head peering out of the house every day.  The eggs have hatched!  The male & female both are involved in caring for the young which is fun to watch.


Baby bluebirds.

Baby bluebirds.

Dottie (Sept.’17) adds, “The baby bluebirds are now on their own.  Two poked their heads out looking at the world for the first time Sunday.  So cute.  I watched for awhile but then left for church.  When I got back the two were gone but the last stayed in the nest for quite awhile. I miss them.”


           Baby bluebirds.

Dear Frances,

Remember all those county fairs up north. I used to exhibit my sewing projects and baked goods. I was a big 4H-er.


Joanie is married, a mother of one, stepmother of two and grandmother of two. In her free time she enjoys, stamping and reading.


Dear Frances,

I’ve been sorting through some “stuff.” Yesterday, I sorted through 2 bundles of greeting cards I had received over the years. They seem too precious to discard. One of them triggered an old memory from high school.

At exam time, we often recited this rhyme:

When I die, bury me deep.

Bury my history book at my


Tell Miss __ I’ve gone to


And won’t be back for the

history test.”

Some of these old memories bring a smile.

Bless you,


June Poucher (Aug.’17) adds, “It’s a way of counting my blessings.”


Dear Frances,

You sound like you are very busy, but then you always are.

My brother, Bill, and his wife left for Florida early this morning. Here, we are to have our first snow today. My brother had a bad accident last winter and they both want to avoid having to drive in ice and snow again. They will stay in Florida until that danger is past.

You asked if I had ever

heard of “congregational discernment.” No. I’ve never heard of it.

I’m now going to church with the woman I walk with. I am getting a little braver, socially. I was very shy in school. It was hard for me to make friends.

Thanks for the prayers for my dad. You are in my prayers, too.

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Sept.’17) adds, “ My daughter Anita is coming to spend a few days with me over Thanksgiving.”


Hi, Frances:

Thank you for the anniversary card. The truth of it is that Bill and I BOTH forgot our own anniversary!   We were having so much fun in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that we just forgot it. 

This evening, I was thinking of JK back in Florida and the hurricane approaching. It’s probably old hat for Floridians, but it still must cause some concern. 

  • The nearest I have seen to that kind of wind was when the straight line winds derecho (a large fast-moving complex of thunderstorms with powerful straight-line winds that cause widespread destruction) came through Grand Rapids 20 years ago.  I was excited but so sad to see the destruction aftermath.  I remember walking around the large park near the veterans’ home, seeing dead birds and the downed trees.  

We’re well, just working, working, and working!  The summer flew. Time for autumn preparations.  We’re more organized this year.  We will be heading out to Arizona instead of Florida this year.  I look forward to new adventures with my husband.  

Linda Rosenthal (Aug.’17) adds, “There’s Plenty of food for thought in the September Ninepatch!”



As I was lying abed this morning, transitioning from sleep to waking, I thought about Valentine’s day, and how neat it would be If it came on the 14th of every month.

I’ve thought about this before, but this time, I thought about how many more smiles there would be through out the world.

I picked up my iPad l to tickle my brain towards functional wakefulness,

and it told me that Frances had an e-mail waiting for my attention.

Simon Stargazer (Sept.’17) adds, “It’s quite interesting that Frances’s e-mail asked for end-lines for my lines about kindness. This is what can happen when your overriding focus on life is bent towards goodness.”


Hi Frances!

Today I feel like a wannabe-hermit who lives on some mountain in Northeast Pee-aye. I say, “wannabe” because I enjoy being outdoors, but not so much now. I have to wear thick sweaters and huddle under blankets while sitting on the porch – at least, for the time being.

I watch the hummers. They have about another month before striking off for their winter quarters south of here. I keep track of the beans, tomatoes and two pumpkins that are just now maturing.

Geez, c’mon, hurry up!


Malaina (Sept.’17) adds, “ I recently saw Passengers, a movie with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s a sci-fi story about space travel and has no monsters. It was a bit sad, but has a good end and overall was a happy movie. I give it three’thumbs up’!”


Hey Hun,

Just heard something today about hurricane Irma barreling toward Florida. Immediately, I thought of you, JK, and our Ninepatch friends.

Have you and JK got plans to leave Florida before the storm hits? Do you have someplace safe there to stay?

I certainly understand if you don’t get the chance to read or respond to this immediately.



Lynn D.(May’17) adds, “I’ll be praying for you, my dear!”


Dear Francesfairiequeen,

“Fairie queen” is what we are discussing in the honors English class where I am subbing. (Kids are self-directed and industrious.) The end of the week I’ll be in a middle school that has a “zero” period. I’ll have to be there about 7:10 a.m. (Gah!) It takes 25 minutes to get there with the awful Southern California morning city traffic.

It was traumatic being 3000 miles away and watching Irma. Nerve wracking! I still have my house in Key West. I was really concerned it would flood again and, I worried about my friends who stayed, too.

Amazingly, it seems as if Key West miraculously dodged the bullet on this one. A lot of the devastation was further north. (Incredible since landfall was only 22 miles away.) It seems we did not get the leading edge of the storm.



Liz/Moascar (Sept.’17) adds, “My Key West friends are fine but struggling without electricity or drinkable water.” My house is ok, though apparently someone broke in while the tenants were gone. 


Hi Fritzie,

My grandson, Bryce who works at Disney Orlando came home to Ohio a few days before Irma hit there.  His roommate stayed.  Disney closed for two days and asked those who stayed and had jobs there to come back when the park reopened and help clean up. 

The apartment Bryce and his roommate live in is next door to Disney. The electric was only off for 14 hours.  The food did not spoil.  Bryce said there was a bit of flooding but all-in-all

damage was not really too bad. 

Bryce went back to Florida Sunday Sept. 17th.  

Take care my friend.


Patricia (Sept.17) adds, “I have two doctor appointments today.  It seems this doctor-thing has been going on the entire month of September. It has helped. I am feeling much better.”


Hi Fritzie,

I am back home to some of my “duties.” Five of my family who live in town are the support team for a Syrian refugee family.

Today the father has an appointment with a special surgeon to determine how to fix his arm.  He was tortured by the Syrian army resulting in a broken upper arm in several places.  The doctor in a refugee camp in Jordan did a poor job in attempting to fix his arm. My sisters have medical connections and found him the best specialist in our area.

Blessings to you,


Jim (May’17) adds, “We all have ancestors who came to the US for religious and economic freedom or to avoid violence in their home countries.  Yasser and Fatima are studying and improving their English at special classes at the local community college. They are focused on becoming productive US citizens.”  


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