husband's last boat

My late husband, Ed, made model boats –maybe 4 or 5 of them –the year before he died. He stopped just two weeks before he passed.

The boat is a model of one he and his cousin always went out on near Devil’s Lake Michigan when they were on vacation there as kids. In the 1930’s there was a man who built the boats. He went from cottage to cottage to sell and build.

Ed puzzled over how they had been made. He figured out the jigs, forms and such.

My question is why he continued to make and refine those last models. I do know they were reminders of wonderful childhood memories and escape with his cousin on adventures.

But then it came to me. In his mind he was preparing the boat to cross to “the other shore.”

Maybe he will come for me in that boat and take me home, too.

Amy Karen (Sept.’17) adds, “Life is quiet here. After a lot of rain, we had sunshine today. (Boy, did that help my outlook!) Still trying to find some rhythm in my life.”

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