In my salaried days there were certain aspects of the job that I would dread well in advance. I dreaded management review because it took 2 weeks to prep the data, and then the VP’s would try to pick at it. I dreaded Detroit because of the drive, GM, and the employee whining regarding GM. I dreaded Cortland because there was nothing there but cows.

For all those years these dreads would swirl through my mind stirring up feelings of dissatisfaction. And I would go do the work and come home. The work was always just what it was. My dread existed separately, like an emotional virus, creating an achy whinny interior landscape that robbed me of my pre work joy, and supplied me with a pair of poo-colored glasses to wear while doing the work.

Dread never changed things for the better. Dread was the enemy. Living day to day is THE ONLY WAY!

Sherryl (Nov. 16) adds, “Let work have you. Take it as it comes. Siphon off the good and flush the rest. Then go home and live your life. Period.”

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