There were times:

Retrospect embarrassments

Covetous resentments

Lied upon entanglements

Sheer nonsense contentments

Innocent awe and belief firmaments.

There were times:

Happiness, passion, wild


Pain, shame and desperate moments

Complacency and boredom –

just living with life’s entanglements.

There were times:

Wanting more, bigger and better,

Taking undue credit,

Having insatiable appetites,

and hiding in secret places.

There were also times:

Of searching, seeking, knocking,


Hoping, wishing,

Full of joyful wonderment

Of peace, love, clarity:

And now:

Deep gratitude

For all the elements.

But, there never was a time:

God failed to supply my daily requirements.

DAPepple (Sept.’17) says,

Life’s journey is filled with many ingredients, conjuring the full spectrum of emotions and consequences. Yet it takes what it takes –took what it took –to bring us to our here and now. I would not wish to see many of the “movies” again, yet I am in awe of how God uses all moments to mold His beloved children.

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