Recently, I enjoyed the book A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable, published in 2014. I pick-

ed it up in one of the “Little Library” boxes we have in Traverse City, Michigan.

Here’s the storyline: April, a Sotheby’s furniture specialist, travels to Paris to evaluate the antiques found in an apartment there. The place has been shut up for 70 years. It is full of cobwebs, dust and many gems from the 1800’s. The first thing April finds is a portrait of a beautiful lady, by a renowned portrait artist.

As April digs through these artifacts, she is intrigued with this lady wondering who she was. Then she finds journals by “Marthe.”

Throughout the book the reader finds out all about the Paris life of this famous courtesan. The old tale is also interspersed with accounts of April’s current friendship with

the attorney representing the descendent of Marthe.

Palma (Oct. ‘17) adds, “The book’s back cover blurb is written by Allison Winn Scotch and says it all. “Gable deftly weaves ‘romance, mystery, past and present into a wonderful page-turner.’ “

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