Out on my porch, I sit and listen to crickets. The sun has gone down behind the clouds and it’s 9:00.

As I listen, one by one stars start to appear in the night sky. A cloud moves. The moon comes out and shines down on the parking lot of my condominium. In the nearby tree a screech owl starts his whinnying cry.

Against the darkened sky I can just barely make out the constellation Orion. In that constellation is

the Orion Nebula which is basically a cloud of purple and yellow gasses. I am in awe!

If I look at the constellation Scorpio, I might see a red super-giant star, Antares. It that is about 100 times bigger than our sun!

All this is handiwork of a God that loves us more than anything, so much that he created it for us!

Bookworm Oct. β€˜17) adds, β€œOn nights like this I fully appreciate what God has done.”

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