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Note:   Florida resident June Poucher lives east of Tampa, Fl. In a series of journal entries, she describes her preparations for Hurricane Irma.


Wednesday 9/6/17

  I am making a few preparations for Hurricane Irma and praying it goes out to sea. Of course I am keeping up with the latest weather bulletins.  I believe my block and brick house will withstand high winds. I am a ways inland and don’t plan to leave.

  My gas tank is full and I have batteries for my flashlights and some non-perishable food. I am making ice cubes and will bag them and store them in the freezer. When the power goes out, those cubes will be tempor-ary help until bagged ice is available.


Thursday 9/7/17

With the storm approaching, I have had a lot to do. I changed my bed and did laundry this morning. Still making ice cubes for temporary use when the power goes out as it always does. I want to get to the store for some bottled water and a few other things but I don’t have the energy today; maybe tomorrow.

Of course I am following Irma’s track, hoping and praying it goes out to sea.


Friday, 9/8/17.

  Another day of watching Irma and doing all the things I can to prepare. Right now it looks like her path will be right through our area. Having had recent oral surgery, I am slow, tired and lacking energy. (Next.)

  My son came by. He wanted to check their generator, which is in my barn, as it had not been started up in years. He and his wife are also are planning to stay home. He and my grandson will be around to help with the clean-up afterward. Last hurricane, they kept the chain saws going to clear the trees.

  I shopped for a bottle of lamp oil for the old kerosene lamps that belonged to my grandmother. I couldn’t believe a 3 qt. bottle cost $19.25 with tax! I also went on to Winn Dixie and got 2 bags of ice, etc. When the power goes out I will have them to put in my big ice chest to keep my refrigerator stuff.

  I have also been gathering my important papers into a box so that I can take them with me if I should have to leave the house.


Saturday 9/9/17

  I’ll be so glad when this hurricane is over; I’m exhausted! I try to take rest breaks as often as I can. This morning I have spent in the kitchen. I cooked everything that was in the freezer and, as it cools I will refreeze it. Then during a long power outage I can thaw it out. It will be cold but edible.

  My chores are finished for the day and so am I!


Sunday 9/10/17

  The power will fail before long. It is already raining lightly with a small breeze. Latest advisory has the storm coming up off the coast south of Tampa. I will be on the east side of it which is the stronger side.

  There’s nothing else I can do except ‘hunker down’ to wait it out. I plan to make an extra pot of coffee for the thermos. Better to have cold coffee than none!


June Poucher (Oct. ’17) adds,”I am a native Floridian so I have been through many hurricanes. I do everything that I can do to prepare, and then trust my Higher Power with the rest.

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