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The swimming area with its deep-water diving platform.

Dear Francairconditioning’sfreezinginthisclassroom!

        Thanks for the camp memory.  It’s funny how little snatches of music and images filter back through the years. I have found myself humming “Joyful, joyful, we are joyful, ever blessing, ever blessed.”

I HAVE no idea where that

would have entered into my life. It may have come from my childhood years in the Salvation Army. It may have been one of the songs I requested sung at my mother’s funeral.

I just researched this on the internet. It is from “The Hymn of Joy,” written as a poem by Henry van Dyke in 1907. As I read the lyrics, I realized I had juxtaposed them somewhat. It begins: “Joyful, joyful, we adore thee…” and the line “… ever blessing, ever blest…” is not until the third stanza.

It was sung in the movie

Sister Act so maybe that is where I heard it recently. However it wormed into my consciousness, it is a beautiful poem.



Liz/ Moascar (Oct. ‘17) says, “I just returned from a Kirtan-Indian devotional chanting–which was just lovely. We sat under the canopy of a large oak tree from which a large paper lantern swung in time to the music and a finger moon rose in the sky and added to the feeling of enchantment.


Ten years ago, Wally points, “It’s his turn!” Brian looks on.


You did so well in handling your questions about why your grandson had left home. 

I always have to think about what I say with my children. I really want to open my mouth and ask what I want to know–not listen to what they need to tell me, if anything. 

Now that I live with my daughter, who is 46, I still want to know details about her life rather than let her be independent.  When she tells me that she will be home late and asks me to walk the dog, I want to ask where she is going. 

However, that’s intrusive. I have to respect that she is very able to take care of herself!



Jane (Dec. ‘16) adds, “I have no need to know my daughter’s business. When I go out, she doesn’t ask me where I am going!”


Dear Fritzie,

Hope your away-from-home grandson is okay. 

It’s really troubling when children (and their children) are having problems. 

The bad thing is we can’t solve them.

Take care, my friend.  


Patricia (See her Holiday Book List in INSTRUCTIONS.)


Hello Frances,

Like you, I have a to-do list.

Mine is not as long as yours or as complicated, I’m sure. But, it helps me get things done.

I also get up early. I like to study my Bible and pray before I start my day. Routines can be very helpful.

I still go to church with my new friend–the one I met out walking.

My dad is still in and out of the hospital for his cancer. He is getting radiation treatments.

Life goes on. I do the best I can.

God bless you.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Oct. ‘17) adds, “I still read a lot, write and stitch. One of my brothers bought me an ‘adult coloring book’.”



Good to hear Florida Ninepatchers are okay. The news said that 60 percent of Gainesville residents lost power. It looks like the Keys were particularly wrecked!

Even with our modern rescue workers and our modern resources, we are not a match for the power of natural forces.

I’m sure that Hurricane Irma will not be forgotten for those who suffered through it and still are suffering. It sounds like a terrible situation and frightening.

In contrast, weather is beautiful here: quiet and a good day here in the office. We have

worked so much through the spring and summer, we have to take a day off now and again to catch up on necessary paperwork.

I told Bill today that I am so busy that I can’t even take the time to talk to myself. ?

Best Regards,


Linda Rosenthal (Oct. ‘17) adds, “Tomorrow I get part of the series of vaccination shots

that I will need for our upcoming Israel trip.”


Dear St. Frances!

Each year I just get tired of the repetitive commercialism this time of year. When at all possible, I try to stay here on the mountain. I always do my best to avoid shopping on Black Friday–just too silly. 

We are getting drizzly rain or bits of ice. Suppose to be chances of snow but nothing in that line has fallen this holiday weekend. It’s been up in the 40s, but I want the colder temps and the snow.

Take care!


Malaina (Oct. ‘17) says, “We really, really need the snow!”



Quilting has really become my passion over the last ten years. I am now the president of one guild and vice-pres. of another.

Last year, I bought a long-arm sewing machine. I wanted to use it to help me make quilts more lovely and professional and speed up the quilting process as well.

With that in mind, I wanted

to make quilts from start to finish and then sell them. (Not working as planned.) Instead, I have customers coming to me to finish their quilts without any advertising.

It’s still fun.


CaT (June ‘17) adds, “We don’t know the direction God has set for us till we are way down the path and can look back, right?”


Dear Fancesallkindsoftravelingsfun,

This weekend, I spent in San Francisco with my older son. I flew up and we stayed in an airbnb. We rode BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and w-a-l-k-e-d a lot. I like to hike and do it often. Walking is great, too, but I found those city sidewalks harder on my legs than hiking on somewhat softer surfaces.

What with plane delays and freeway closures, it was 3 in the morning on Monday when I returned home.

3> Liz

Liz/Moascar (Oct. ‘17) adds, “It was great to spend some time with my son.”



It seems as if my thoughts and feelings are becoming sharper and much more painful. (I know I have to walk with them and feel them.)  

I have had a dream, too. In my dream I was with a group and we were all traveling by train.  It was time to get off and everyone was separated.  I looked and looked but could not find anyone I knew.  I wasn’t sure where to go.  

Just over the tracks, I went up a hill to townhouse like structures where we were to go to stay, but I didn’t know which one.  It was late and dark and I was so tired.  

People told me to go have my picture taken with other group members.  I went and found a group. Even though I knew no one, I sat with my head on my arms. I was so very, very tired and overwhelmed.  (I was even too tired for anxiety or despair.)

 Just then some one poked my upper arm. It was my late husband, Ed. He came to take me home.  

Then I woke up.  

It was the best gift EVER.  I felt soo blessed.  Ed will be there for me.

I know you believe in dreams and wanted to share this one with you.



AmyKaren (Oct. ‘17) adds, “I suppose it sounds somewhat nuts, but I soo cherish that dream!” 


Dear Frances,

Think of you up North. Fall; is my favorite season–especially the beautiful colored leaves. You had a reunion and the fair, too. Such fun!

Are you missing Florida and all our storms? We are plugging along. Lots of clean up. I still have time to enjoy my grandchildren. At 2, Ethan says he is “Big now!” His 4-year-old sister enjoyed staying with me where she can “play” without her little brother bothering her. ?

Miss you here.

Love and prayers,


Joanie (Oct. ‘17) “Know you are missed ‘back home in Florida.’”


Hi Frances, 

I am OK. I haven’t written because I’m just figuring out this new computer!

Now I am alone after my husband died, in late winter my son moved here from the West Coast. He found a job close by. Now he takes care of all that needs fixing in the house. He’s also a lot of fun!


Louise (Jan. ‘17) adds, “I admire the way you are able to travel by bus and live your own life. I have never felt I could do so.”


Dear Fritzie,

I rejoined my gym after a 10-month hiatus. I’m making my workouts really short and easy because I don’t want to get sore or injured. But, I am able to do a mile and a half on the treadmill without going brain dead. This was a good step for me and hopefully will help me with the grayness.

Elaine (July ‘17) adds, “Speaking of the gray–I noticed getting out to dinner with guys lifted my spirits

a huge amount but it was only temporary. I just need to be around people more.”


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