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Previously: Florida resident June Poucher who lives east of Tampa described her preparations for Hurricane Irma before her power failed.

 Thursday, 9/14/17

  My power came back on about noon today!! I first turned the AC down to 74 hoping to cool the house and hoping the power wouldn’t go off again. (That has happened in the past.) I tried to rest but I couldn’t relax; I wanted to straighten up and put things back, etc.

  The morning of the 11th, after Irma had passed, there was a lot of damage to my large trees; many big limbs and much debris covered the yard. My son, his wife and a friend came over and helped me gather most of it. I have brush piles the size of pickup trucks waiting for the city to remove. My son then climbed onto the roof with a bucket of tar, patched over and tarred the worst spots to protect it until I am able to get a roof company to come. That may be a while as they are covered up!

 Of course there was still much smaller debris to be cleaned up and I have been working on that as my energy allows.

  My TV hasn’t come back yet; I guess the cable is not restored. Small problem.

  I am blessed, in so many ways.


Friday, 9/15/17

  My sleep was restless but cool. In late morning I went to Walmart to get a couple of things, mainly milk, which they are out of. I found a couple of cans of Carnation milk to fall back on, so no big deal. Their shelves are mostly empty but I found the few things I needed besides the milk. I still have plenty of food.

  The county paper showed massive damage around town and the county. I don’t know how they managed to get it together and published this quick. It normally comes out on Wed. but I didn’t pick it up til today. Made me realize, again, how blessed I am. Have I thanked you for phoning to check on me while my power was out? I appreciate that, my friend.

  I am still tired but am resting a lot, trying not to push myself. I have no TV yet but there’s always reading to enjoy.


Saturday 9/16/17

  Feeling more rested today. I did a 30 minute bit in the yard this morning though almost all of that is done for now. Just a little more and my yard man will be able to mow around the brush piles Monday.

  I went looking for milk this morning; I don’t like the canned on my cereal. I found only the gallon size at CVS so I gave half to my son and his wife.

  I’m still eating the last of my freezer food; but tonight the rest of it goes in the garbage.

It has ‘aged out’ so I want to be safe.

  My TV is still not working. I called the cable company and they are repairing as much as they can, as fast as they can. I’m still waiting on the insurance adjuster and the roofing company to respond. I really appreciate my son’s work on the roof.


Sunday, 9/17/17

  My TV came back on last night. Maybe my calling them got their attention!

  I made a trip to both CVS and Winn Dixie this morning and glad they are open. I’m only buying canned goods and fresh food. I’m reluctant to buy any meat or frozen food; especially anything on sale as it might be tainted from the storm.

  I took my nap but still can’t seem to get completely rested.

June Poucher (Nov. ‘17) says,

I am recovering from the fatigue of coping with the hurricane and getting back into my normal routines.

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