A doctor once asked if being depressed wasn’t “self-indulgent.” I was offended by the suggestion but didn’t have the presence of mind to ask him exactly what he meant. I have thought about that over the years.

When I’m on “the slide” I experience a hint that this is learned behavior. Depression begets more of the malady. If I’m depressed and my son doesn’t call me on the weekend, I have a reason to feel even more down, neglected, lonely.

A positive behavior would be to get myself over to the big new mall and do some window shopping, people watching, and maybe buy an ice cream cone.

I once clipped and saved a bit of advice: “Get up, get dressed, get out, be with people.” I don’t think that is a cure, but I think it can put the brakes on the slide.

Elaine (Nov. ‘17) adds, “Last summer I took some of this advice. It really did help.”

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