Will Campbell wrote the book, Brother to a Dragonfly, as an autobiography.  He also describes his older brother and describes their growing up on a cotton farm in Mississippi.   Will became a Baptist minister, but he left pastoring the church after a few years.  He became active in the civil rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s.  He also describes the close relationship with his brother.

Recently, during this time of turmoil in our society, I have seen references to Will as we struggle with our feelings about what is happening today.  Will describes how he felt about segregation, and how his anti-segregation activities were not accepted and how they placed his family as well as himself in danger.  He came to believe that Christ had died for the bigots as well as the good people. 

The style of writing made me want to continue reading until the end.  This book can be meaningful to not only Christians but also many people. 

Jane (Nov. ‘17) adds, “Some of this book was hard to read because Will was able to show his commitment to God without sermonizing. It made me look at myself and how I regard “bad” people. 

The loyalty that Will and his brother had to each other even in extremely difficult situations was touching and also made me look at myself.

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