Back in March ‘17, I wrote a piece about a chance meeting with Irish author, Maeve Binchy. It happened several years ago on a visit to Dublin to see my family.

Currently, I am reading that author’s biography, Maeve Binchy: The Biography written by Piers Dudgeon. “There are other biographies written of Maeve Binchy, but  Piers Dudgeon’s is a joy of a biography and a must for fans of the treasured Irish author.” ( I borrowed this last comment from HELLO magazine, the U.K version of PEOPLE magazine.)

The book is a sensitive celebration and shows the talent and humanity of this much loved author. 

The Irish Post says that Dudgeon ”…portrays Maeve Binchy as a lover of life in this warm and often humorous account of a woman who was determined to be herself.

I find much in the book that is familiar: the Dalkey area where Maeve lived, the nuns and the convent where she went to school, the escapades with her close friends, the hospital mentioned where I was treated in my twenties, with a fractured wrist, the Beach at Bundoran to where she escaped to get away from it all, and her dip in the sea, stark naked thinking she had the beach to herself. 

Her comments on religion, politics, and the accounts of her time in a kibbutz, her London jobs working for RTE, the Irish television company are all brought alive in this book. The reader will see much her real life episodes reflected in some of her books. 

I find it so interesting,

Bernadette (Mar. ‘17) adds, “I have been out of touch for a while. Busy these days due to medical and doctor appointments for my husband and me. “

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