There are quite a few situations

I am powerless over.

(Yes, it’s true.)

However, I have been given life

and life energy with the free will

to determine how I spend/invest that energy moment-to-moment.

I can choose to wallow

in the mire of despair

in response to my shortcomings,

and all that I deem deplorable, or, practice active gratitude

for all the opportunities

in front of me.

I am empowered by my Creator with choices every breath and step I take.

Help me Lord serve You in kindness, mindfulness, gladness and grace.

I strive to honor my adopted


1. Do the next right thing no matter

how mundane or magnificent.

2. Don’t make matters worse.

3. Focus on, communicate with, and

seek to enhance connection

with God.

4. Repeat.

This seems doable.

DAPepple (Nov. ‘17) adds, “With all the world’s needs and demands, added to personal responsibilities, life can seem overwhelming. I awoke early on a Monday with a semblance of order appearing out of the chaos. “

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