And keep them!
I say more to myself
Than to you,
In the dark before
When I think best,
I unfold the papers,
Collections of notes.
A cup of coffee, 
By my side,
Gives me courage,
Especially if I think
What may not be true-
Time for brief meditations,
Thoughts of friends
Needing hope and needing
Friends to give it to
Recognizing my limitations,
I proceed,
In the wee hours
Of, morning,
I have words to connect
Me to paper, trying to
Meet my deadline during
First hours
Of daybreak!

Bluebird (Nov.’17) adds, “I can look at my day ahead from early morning lookouts and at least try to meet deadlines –even if it’s at the last minute! Please look at my Facebook page for early morning poems and keep writing your own, too.”

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