When you are calm, 

Life gives you time

To think and ponder. 


Simon Stargazer III (Dec. ‘17) expands, “Money and family! ?Even in the best of circumstances the combination can become contentious. My wife’s son got into a financial bind about 6 months ago and I took over his bills, with him giving me what he could out of a new, lower paying, job he had to take.  I was able to pay off three of his accounts by doubling up payments.  About 3 weeks ago, he came by while I was paying bills, and my wife made the mistake ?of letting him know it was his bills I was working on (in a light hearted teasing way).? He, of course, was offended and demanded that I give them back in spite of my objections. He took them in a huff and left. My wife and I both remained calm. We realized that he had been embarrassed and hurt. Calmness has given us the opportunity to consider how to approach him next. (Fortunately, he should be able to deal with them on his own now.)” 

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