One of my favorite simple pleasures is…” This month, Christa (Dec. ‘17) shares her thoughts.

“One of my favorite simple pleasures is waking up before my family. I have fifteen minutes to myself every morning to watch the sun come up and sip my coffee without anyone making demands on me. This time alone gives me a chance to wake up slowly instead of rushing into the morning routine.

I’m also more alert and calm when it comes time to wake up the kids and get myself ready for the day. I feel like what I lose in sleep is made up for by the peace I feel as I think about the coming day.”


Christa adds a personal note, “December was a long month for me. First there was Christmas! There were young children’s concerts to attend and my own dance shows to prepare for. Then my work for my non-profit clients ramped up as the end of the year approached. I was so exhausted I even looked forward to the holidays being over in January!”


One of my favorite simple pleasures is….” Will continue for January 2018. Joining it is a new question,

I remember my grandparents …”

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