Love is getting up at 4 AM

To calm the confusion.


Simon Stargazer III (Jan. ’18) explains, “?These lines are a short and concise representation of what we go through for the sake of the love for another.

In this instance, my wife, Pat, got up at 4 AM, transferred to her power chair and went to the bathroom. She transferred to the toilet. (This happens several times during the night and I usually wake up to be available to help.)

On top of this situation, Pat’s many medications some-times contribute to her varying degrees of confusion. When this happens, my assistance is also required. However, this time, I awakened out of a deep sleep and it turns out I was the one who was confused! I thought Pat needed help transferring, but by the time she got to the bath-room, she no longer needed to transfer. In the meantime, I continued trying to give her help which she no longer needed. This time she cleared up my confusion. In a few minutes we got her safely back to bed and to sleep. On the other hand, I was fully awake by then. I did some computer work and wrote these lines before getting into the day’s routine.”

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