And consider them
A special gift,
Like a Valentine,
From someone
You love–
Let them interrupt
Lunch-as special
As maple peanut
Butter stuffed in
Let the floral bedspread
Get wet…

And Your shoulder,
Whether the fabric

Be satin or cotton;
Let the day’s attempt
At rain give a wink
And a nod-
Because for every tear
That drops,
There is sunshine showing
Up to smile–Tears are fine
For a limited time,
But there is always
A sale going on in just

The right size to make
Happiness light up

Bluebird (Jan. ’18) adds, “Tears can be sad or happy; in this case, both. Tears don’t have to have a reason, but most often are related so sadness.  Passing through as a delicate rain, the sun comes out again.  I cry less than when I used to but I miss some of the old tears I shed.  I do believe there are many different shades of tears, and many shades of happiness.  We know the sun shines and that always makes us feel happy.  Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.  You may contact me at gaylebluebird1943@gmail.com.”

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