When I am desperate

and need that God connection,

I close my eyes

and imagine myself surrounded by,

embraced by,

and in

sacred lake waters

of my youth.

Being gently caressed, held, supported,

loved and protected,

I still have freedom to move from place to place.

Looking around, I see I am in a significant part of the universe

enjoying a comforting medium

and developing skills

to move from place to place.

I rest, reflect

and sense God’s touching, supporting being.

I hear/feel,

I truly do love you.

You are NOT alone.

DAPepple (Jan. ‘18) adds, “When I feel overwhelmed, ill-at-ease, alone or unheard, sooner or later I become aware that my focus has been disconnected or diverted from the core of my faith. I know when it is sunny and smooth sailing, complacency and/or self-will tends to thrive. And when chaos confusion and consternation rise within, I am fraught with feelings of helpless, hopeless and alone-ness. Both scenarios warn me to strive for focus back to the core of my faith. There are several paths I have found helpful during those times. Prayer, music, communication with close friends, and dear memories of times at Lake Wawasee where God com-forted, mentored, affirmed, laughed and cried with me. I close my eyes, and once again I am at the lake, under His wings.”

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