I remember my grandparents… ” This month, Frances, Editor writes, I remember my father’s mother, Elizabeth. She had a great influence on my childhood. Before I started school, and later Saturdays she “kept” me while Mother and Daddy worked.

Gramma Elizabeth loved me, but did not play with me. She cleaned, washed, cooked and sewed.

Gramma used a treadle sewing machine she ran with her feet. It whirred! The needle sped up and down while her feet pushed faster than my excited heat beat at the sound.

She washed in the low-ceilinged basement where she could not stand up straight. Bending over, she carried her laundry basket to the washing machine.

Left: Gramma Elizabeth about 1954

Left: Gramma Elizabeth about 1954

Sometimes Gramma washed her see-through curtains. She dried them on a stretcher–a large rectangular wood frame with nails around all the edges. She fastened a wet curtain over nails along the top and one end and then p-u-l-l-e-d the fabric hard to fasten on the opposite ends.

Though Gramma was busy all day, there were usually home-made sugar cookies in her cookie jar! The sweets were my reward for taking a good nap!”

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