LindaSue (See her letter in AROUND THE FRAME.) responded to our Self-Discovery game included in the December 2017 issue. She writes, “I played the “Blue Bird” 2017 Holiday Game. I saw a white bird! (A sign of peace.)

I see the bird’s colors different from the Japanese psychologists. I see the blue bird is a sign of happiness, the yellow bird as a sign of joy, the red bird as Jesus’s blood shed for our sins and the black bird as evil trying to take over.

Thus, I chose the white peace bird. Peace wins!

I did read over what the psychologists said about white:Those who said the bird turns white are cool and decisive under pressure. You don’t waste time on fretting and indecision, even when a crisis develops. If a situation gets too bad, you feel it’s better to cut your losses and look for another route to your goal rather than getting bogged down in needless grief. This proactive approach means that things seem to just naturally go your way.”

I do not agree with them at all. I do not think I am cool and decisive under pressure. And, I am very sure things don’t naturally go my way, either. It is true I don’t waste time fretting with indecision when things go wrong or a crisis develops. Instead, I pray and move on. I believe God has a plan!”

LindaSue’s white bird

LindaSue’s white bird

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