around the frame Mar 2018 – our experiences

(Letters to the Editor)

Dear Frances,

I enjoyed your article “A Family Story Continues.” I feel your pain and the fact it brings back sad memories for you. Well written.


Dottie (Feb. ‘18) adds, “I’m on a constant roller coaster with my son, Joe who’s had a stroke and is in a rehab center.  I have to keep repeating requests for care for him including higher management and the paperwork is overwhelming. He’s making very little progress, however when it occurs in small incre-ments, I rejoice!  So hard emotionally too.”



I read February ‘18’s Ninepatch and I’ve been praying for the Lord to change Wally’s heart. So much anger. Praying for courage and strength for Brian, too.




The February ’18 issue was well done. It’s good to read about healing, prayers, love, and acceptance.

Loved the poems in many forms. 



Simon Stargazer (See his poem in THREAD) adds, “I think there are three basic kinds of healing. External: The laying on of hands, and/or the spoken word, directly or indirectly (Doctors, nurses, scientists, inventors, family and friends.)Internal: Self directed mental healing, From God: Godly intervention, in it’s many forms. (in the big picture, all of the above are no doubt Godly driven.)” 


Hi Frances,

Just wanted to say, oh boy! I am definitely going to try making those Bus Lady Treats. They combine a lot of our family’s favorite things!


Christa (Jan. ‘18) adds, “Winter is in full swing here and even though it’s only February, I’m anxiously awaiting springtime!”



Your Ritz Cracker Treat recipe from the bus lady reminded me I had not made those in a long time. (I was given these one Christmas years ago.)

I diversified them and melted white chocolate. I also used crunch peanut butter and dipped them completely with tongs.

I lay them on wax paper on a cookie sheet and shake candy with sprinkles over them. Or, my favorite, at Christmas, I dust them with red or green sugars. I put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator to set them.

I give a plate of treats to friends, postman and newspaper carriers. It is also a project children can help with / assemble.


Kay (Dec. ‘17) adds, “For fall, I dip the Ritz with regular chocolate and decorate with fall sprinkles.”


Dear Frances,

You are right–everything changes! Several months back, I didn’t get to The Truck Show for the first time in several years. When Bill couldn’t take me, my other brothers ended up having their own plans.

My new friend has helped me find a few activities. Now I have a Bible study, Bingo at the Senior Center and church on Sunday. I am thankful for those times out!

Now my friend has troubles of her own. Her doctor changed her cancer treatments. And she has little energy. Along with many doctor appointments, blood work and counseling, I don’t see much of her.

I am on my own again–at least for the time being. (I pray for her and her recovery!)

As you often say, “life goes on.” Take care of yourself.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Feb. 2018) adds, “I am grateful for days when I am able to get out and take a walk.”


Dear Frances;

In your last email you mentioned you were having trouble getting settled in your home in the South after your time in the North. I can only imagine how unsettling it is for you moving back and forth between two homes.

Sure! I do it, but my two are in the same town, while yours are states apart. That must make it so much more frustrating when you can’t find something and have to question “Where’d I see it last…?”

Good luck,

Lynn : )


Lynn D. (Feb. 18) adds, “One good thing about my  living arrangements is that my house is in a consistently warmer area of town, while my boyfriend’s house is near the lake and, so, cooler, which can be a real ‘bonus’ in the summer. Make lemonade… right…?”


Hi Frances,

Up until last week, I really didn’t know that olive oil froze!

The last time I went shopping, I didn’t feel like carting everything through the cold and snow. I carried in the most important stuff –yogurt, fruit drinks, and other.

With all this snow blowing, I’ve been parking the car out in front of the house –which is what I did that day. I brought in all the food stuffs through the basement and placed them on the freezer, then went back and

closed up the car, and closed the outer basement door after shooing out the two outdoor kitties. Loading up, I dragged everything else up the basement stairs.

A few days later, I ran some errands. When I got back to the house and reached in the back to pull out my shopping, I knocked something over. It hit the floor hard. Had to move some stuff, but I found a bottle of olive oil, frozen solid.


Malaina (Feb. ’18) adds a bit of humor, “Come to think of it, the frozen oil bottle would have made an excellent weapon.”



Seems you have had a big freeze In Florida. In Southern California, we’ve been in the 40s here at night. That seems so cold, but days warm up to be mostly been bright and beautiful.

Tomorrow is my birthday and today I feel old. Usually I feel healthy with hiking and going to the gym. But, I didn’t sleep well last night and could barely get out of bed and show up for a sub teaching job. How-ever, the day went pretty well once I got there.

My younger son is back in California and registering for school. He is interested in renewable energy.

Lots of love and hugs,


Liz, right, and her younger son on P Mountain

Liz, right, and her younger son on P Mountain

Liz/Moascar (Jan. ’18) adds, “The above is a photo of my younger son and me hiking on a little mountain above Palomar College. It’s known as P Mountain since it has a letter ‘P’ picked out in painted rocks.”


Hi Frances.

I have really gone downhill this last week and a half. My arms and head are great. From the chest down I am numb. Much like a paraplegic. Though I’m not numb on back where it hurts!  (Of course not.)

Tomorrow I will get a hospital bed into my house and a nurse will catheterize me. I can’t release my bladder properly. I’ve gone from a walker to a wheelchair in a week and a half.

Anyway, I have lots of willing helpers and my daughter will be here for a week in a little while. We’ll figure it all out.

The hardest thing is becoming completely dependent on others and the total vulnerability. The most beautiful is the love and help I’m receiving. The Higher Power has been with me all the way.

I just fell for the first time and I was by myself. I called a neighbor and was helped up. So, that’s the news.



Palma (Feb. ’18) adds,My step-daughter and her daughter are coming to see me from more than 200 miles away. It seems to be important to her.” 

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