Remember the movie “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? Both men were seriously ill when they met in a hospital. Freeman’s character convinced Nicholson’s to make the most of the time before he “kicked the bucket.”

I have a Bucket List, too. Several items on my list are: 1. Watch the movie “Deliverance” again.

2. Take a trip to New Zealand to hike a mountain trail! (My parents did that when they were about age 70.)

I’ve not added to my bucket list. However I think it would generate tremendous interest if readers would list one item they would like to add to their Bucket List and why. 

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Ellen (May ‘17) adds, “I emphasize one because other wise ‘THE LIST’, might be dominated by one person and we don’t want that.  What do you think?” 

EDITOR’S NOTE: An exciting idea! Send Ninepatch an item from your Bucket List and tell why you chose it. I’ll present them here in FABRICS!

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