Recently, I looked over the titles of Anne Perry books and found I had not read three of her newer ones. I just finished Murder on the Serpentine. Really very good!

At Christmas I was not able to get her newest holiday one, A Christmas Return. I checked it out in January. It features Mariah Ellison, the grouchy grandmother of Charlotte Pitt and her sister, Emily. The grandmother visited an old friend from the past where she got involved in an old murder. I liked it!

Other titles I caught up on at the end of 2017 were written by MC Beaton. She has two series. One is with Agatha Raisin, a self-absorbed Scottish retiree got involved with murders so she opened a private investigator’s office in her small town. The other is Hamish, a mild-mannered Scottish Highland constable.

There were new books featuring both those characters.

Patricia (Feb. ‘18) adds, “Anne Perry also has a new book in the Monk series. It’s called An Echo of Murder. The Monk tales are commonly quite historical and I learn a lot while reading them.”

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