Not done yet, we
…may need pep talks,

Our bodies
…with a few cracks.
We can still go dancing,

With new costumes
…and plumes in our hair,

We have wisdom to share,
…from our life experiences,

Places to go,
…dreams yet to fulfill,

Sun to capture at seaside
Real vitamin D,
…not from a bottle,

We have memories
…so many, we can’t
Remember them all,

At our pace of full-steam
Ahead, we are ready
For romance
…should it come our way,

Skip cotton candy
…but not the Ferris wheel,
A handful of peanuts for
…health in our pockets,

Long walks in neighborhoods
…making new friends.

We have new mysteries
…to solve,

For us, if we choose,
A life still gratifying
…and delicious–
Not slow, but fast
…as we can,
Maybe just not on

Bluebird (Feb. ‘18) adds, “This poem is a version of ’When I Get Old I Will Wear Purple,’ a favorite of mine. I am surprised to think that I AM old now and vacillate between feeling older and as young as I did years ago. I still have visions of what I will do when I get really old and wonder whether I will know when that is. Meantime, I have many dreams of what I yet want to do.  It will take me longer to do them but I promise myself that I will. Nothing is really stopping me from acting as if I am younger.”

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