Georgene (Jan.’18) played our game of changing bird colors. Before reporting on her ending she said, “Frances mentioned she had a green parakeet when she was a girl. I had a green parakeet, too. It’s name was Nippers!”

The game’s scenario is from authors Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito’s Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery. In the exercise, “The Blue Bird,” authors wrote, “One day a blue bird suddenly flies through a window into your room and is trapped… The next day, the bird had changed …to yellow…”

In playing the game, Georgene said on the last day her bird turned blue again. About this feather color (ending number two), authors have this to say.

Georgene’s blue bird

Georgene’s blue bird

Those who said the bird turns blue again are practical optimists.

You believe that life is a mix of good and bad and that it doesn’t pay to fight against that reality. You accept adversity calmly and let things run their course without undue stress or worry. This outlook lets you ride out the waves of adversity without being swept away.”

Georgene added to the story’s ending. “My bird had to escape captivity. I couldn’t leave him trapped so I opened the window to encourage him to fly to freedom.” She also said, “I enjoyed this game.”

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