Sometimes very little
I have for anyone,

And then again
I trust what comes my

Trusting is
Adjusting… Finding
Something ripe
As fruit picked
From a tree with right
Timing –

Though I can still be hurt
With words

What I know with certainty,

Words written
My poetry,

Laughter too,
I trust –

The giggly kind.

Laughter leaves a
Track inside your
And poetry has a
Certain rhythm rhyme.

You have to trust what

What makes you laugh,
The words you write,

Keeping you alive –

A certain trust,
Nothing required,
No strings attached,
Your inner life is yours

Gayle Bluebird (Mar.’18) adds, “‘Trusting is adjusting.’ Do we ever completely trust someone or do we keep some trust in reserve? I like to think I am open to change and too trusting at times. My poems though –words come from within. Once written, I can trust them with certainty. I write a poem on Facebook every day. Join me there….”

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