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December 2017

During the worst part of Michigan’s winter, my husband Bill and I had planned to roam the South and Southwest. However in December, I wondered if I would even be able to walk! I had terrible, pain-wracked cramps in my lower legs. I didn’t think I would be able to do much walking on our trip

Unable to see my doctor, I was in near constant pain. I used a combination of heating pads and arthritis doses of acetaminophen and managed to grin and bear it. Sleeping was difficult, I tossed and turned most nights and hurt through all of them.

I was determined to make the trip. Bill and I set off anyway.

antique camper

antique camper

Linda Rosenthal (Jan.’18) adds, “What I remember of your last e-mail to me was that you mentioned we are making our memories for a time when we will look back. I want to be like the 84- year- old woman whose story I read in an RV museum today–she sold her little antique trailer to the RV museum, because she felt the travel was getting to be a little much for her.”

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