(By Editor Frances with quotes from Palma)

Feb. 10, 2018

Palma called me. She was still living at home but was mostly bed-ridden. She could get up to eat and use the bathroom, but needed a walker.  She said, “I want to eat less and less.”

Feb. 18, 2018

Palma called me, with a “birthday vibe.” (My birthday is 9 days after hers on Feb. 11.)  ”Having been in Hospice at home for the last 3 months, I have now moved to a place called Hospice house. I have a private room and one wall is all windows and a door. It looks out on the woods and has bird feeders on the deck. I’m here because I am paralyzed from the chest down and need 24-hour care.  It was very sad leaving my house. I cried a lot that day.”

 March 1, 2018

I called Palma.  Her hello sounded heavy. She said, “I had to get higher pain meds. I was tense with pain and irritable with everyone. I don’t want to be that way.” She is taking hydrocodone.   She said, “I was hoping not to have to take the narcotic but I enjoy the relief from pain.”

March 10, 2018

I saw this post from Palma’s Facebook page: “I’m discouraging visitors. I’m scaling down my people activity. I appreciate everyone’s concern. Please pray for God’s will and a peaceful passing.”


Palma (Mar. ‘18) adds,This last adventure has taken me places I could never have imagined. Probably the most heartwarming is that my oldest son has shared in writing much of his childhood and teen years with me and the whole family. He is also asking in writing for some of those experiences I’ve had in  the years we’ve been apart.”

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