I just finished this recently published non-fiction by J. Randy Taraborrelli. It explores the secret lives of Janet Auchincloss and her two daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and Lee Radziwill. It begins with their wealthy and entitled childhood and continues through adulthood.

Janet would ask her young daughters, “Do you know what the secret to happily ever after is?”

Janet would then tell them, “Money and power.” It was a lesson neither sister would ever forget. The girls could be close but also distant throughout their lives.

This book looks into the reasons and the differences that haunted Jacqueline and Lee all their lives. The only one living now is Lee Radziwill, who is 84. She lives in Paris and New York. Lee says she is very happy and has “not one regret” about a life that has been “nothing, if not well-lived.”

Kay (Apr. ‘18) adds, “I am an only child so I enjoyed reading about Jackie and Lee’s relationship with one another.”

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