What I know is in my future

is practicing what I say,

not just saying it.

I see myself yet traveling and

saying what I know,

spreading myself to

wherever I’m to go, not in the religious sense,

but where a cup of tea might be

just the thing to give someone hope.

I always thought I should be perfectly healed and I’m not.

There is no “right” or “perfect” me, no time to say I am free of worry

or conflict. But sometimes

we just know time’s up.

It is not, if now not ever.

My memory is half gone

but still there is some meaning

in what I have to say. (OK if you have thoughts say so.)

It will be an art form caravan

of new and lost thoughts

spreading not truth

but thoughts and love,

finding out what love is on the way.

Gayle Bluebird (Apr. ‘18) adds, “The timing for Frances to select this poem from my Facebook page to print is perfect. I am selling my home as I write with some unknowns ahead. I need to read my poem again! Catch me on Facebook with my daily poetically correct poems.”

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