At our annual Ninepatch Board of Directors Meeting, Georgene, Christa and I discussed stretching our outreach. To do this we decided to create a Facebook address. In the new “Ninepatch group,” Ninepatch-ers can respond right away to posted thoughts and topics. Our aim is to attract community conversation, to reach out to people who can benefit from deeper connections in their lives and to touch folks who are habitual Facebook users.

In taking this step I had technical help from a previous teaching colleague and present Ninepatch reader, Bill. (A big thank-you to him!)

Since ours in not an actual “Facebook page” you will find us listed as “Ninepatch group.”

Hope to see you there soon!

Editor Frances adds, “In May 2018, we’ll begin posting a weekly topic for comment and photo-sharing.”

May1 –”Mother”

May 7 –”I remember”

May 14 –”My favorite”

May 21 –”My birthday”

May 28 –”I hope”

We welcome your topic ideas and other suggestions. Like a “regular” Facebook page, chat, photos and quotes are welcome any time.

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