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I guess my parents wanted to be sure I didn’t come running home from college every weekend. They sent me 1,000 miles away from Northern Indiana to Northern Florida.

I lived in a three-floored dorm housing at least 200 girls in cell-like rooms with two twin beds. I had never shared space with another person. An only child, our household was quiet, too. The change was overwhelming. I got sick.


Suddenly in November I could not remember what I read. Also, I would start a page of lecture notes and when the professor was done, my page was nearly blank. I worried I was losing my mind. During my Sunday collect calls home, I wailed, “What’s wrong? I’ll flunk if I can’t read and take notes!”

Maybe I didn’t know what my problem was, but my folks did! They flew me home for Thanksgiving that year.

When I got back to school, I was again able to read and take lecture notes.


Our question, “If you could have the /original/ of anything, what would you want that to be?” will continue. Our new one for July is, “My childhood hero was…”

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