I have Asperser’s Syndrome, a type of autism. Recently, I’ve been reading and figuring out why I feel and react so unlike others. There is a difference in my nervous system! In addition, my autistic body has a strong sensitivity to touch and taste. My hearing is extra sensitive, too.
Sometimes, I get a sensory overload. If I can’t escape it, I go into a meltdown that can happen in what may not be an unusual circumstance for you. It can happen to me when too many people are talking at once or someone gives me a direction and before I can process it, calls out two or three more. This can also happen when I am thrown off my routine.
Let me describe what happens. When it’s about to start I feel a huge electric shock, a jolt of pain and fear runs through my body. The next thing I know tears come. My mind screams, “STOP! STOP!”
Usually, I lean over some-thing in a kind of collapse. In a few situations I fell to the ground and rolled myself into a ball.
Part of my autistic brain called the amygdale is wired differently. I react in –perhaps –an unusual way when someone is angry at me or I am bullied.
This is a sensitive topic. I am writing about this so others can have a better awareness of what is happening inside when I act/react in an unusual way.
Bookworm (June ‘18) adds, “For me, I need to go to a quiet space or at least a place away from people where I feel safe and secure.”

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