To tell the truth, I have to deal with social phobia. As gifted as I am in some areas, I suck making small talk and getting to know people.

My severe worry is that what I am going to say is the wrong thing –that I’m going to blow my chances at getting to know someone.

When I’m at work, a lot of times I fumble with words around someone I don’t know.

(This is also true with friends –and family.)

This chit-chat struggle gets to me! How do I string together a conversation? How do I really connect on an intimate basis? How can I get to know a person’s strengths and weaknesses if I don’t even know where to start?

I think part of my struggle is I am also lame at reading social cues. Thus, I am often socially frustrated.

Bookworm (July ‘18) “The Bible figure I identify with is Moses. He stuttered and was weak. But God changed that. He became a great leader of the Israelites. I know that the Lord can do the same for me.”

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