Though I am fan of James Burke’s mysteries set in Louisiana, recently I have been reading other detective novels non-stop.

I have discovered a new author named George Pelecanos His characters and their stories are mainly set in the Washington, D.C. area. I feel as though he knows the city’s subculture very well and the truth of their lives is compelling and hard to hear.

The female characters aren’t well developed, but I like the novels for their rich portrayals of the life in the city.  These are very detailed novels and I like that type of writing.  Gritty, I think, is a good adjective for them.  Maybe noir, too.

         Linda Rosenthal (June ‘18) adds, “I have little collections that I evaluate from time to time.  Looking at all of it and even my interests, I realize how much I have been influenced by my mother –even down to the detective/ mystery novels that I like to read. Mother used to have a few true crime magazines that dwelt on sensational themes.” 

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