This historical novel is by author Melanie Benjamin. It tells of the close friendship and partnership between two of Hollywood’s earliest female legends: screenwriter Frances Marion and superstar Mary Pickford.

It is 1914, and twenty-five-year-old Frances Marion has moved to Los Angeles, where she wants to live independently as an artist. But the word on everyone’s lips these days is “flickers” –the silent moving pictures. There Frances finds her true calling: writing stories for this new medium. She also meets the actress Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart. The two ambitious young women hit it off instantly.

As Mary struggles to live her life under the spotlight, she wonders if it is possible to find true love, with the dashing actor Douglas Fairbanks. Frances, too, longs to share her life with someone.

As in any good Hollywood story, dramas will play out, and even the deepest friendships might be shattered.

With cameos from Charlie Chaplin, Louis B. Mayer, Rudolph Valentino, and Lillian Gish, The Girls in the Picture is a story of friendship and forgiveness.

The author captures the dawn of a glittering new era.

June Poucher (July ‘18) adds, It was interesting to learn something about the early history of the movie industry.

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