I got on a plane
…not knowing my destination,
The plane landed in a land
…where I knew no one–

Where suspects were suspected
…of uncommitted crimes,
And children ran wild,
…where arrests were made
With unjust cause,

Where I found a beach
…where evening rolled in
With the waves,
Where found an old friend
…to share memories with
At the shoreline–

Now life unfolds into
New mornings
And knowns are paired
With unknowns–

Blessings are mixed
…with questions,
Believing is all my life
…needs right now–

Dreams come alive,
Changes inside
Changes outside
History to be made with

Lots of storytelling.

Gayle Bluebird (July ‘18) adds, “I recently sold my home and moved to a retirement community in another city. Making major changes in your life bring new sets of unknowns but it seems I was trusting my decision as here I am near the river and making new friends in my senior living home! Please write to me at gaylebluebird1943 @gmail.com. and follow my daily poems on Facebook.”

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