Businessman lying

by fountain

floating in his own

sock-footed sun,

sits up, slips his shoes on, walks away.

Poet is silenced by hush

of the fountain.

Poet is silenced

on rising smoke.

Poet is silenced by his

own death.

Poet is silenced by

heavy materials.

Poet is silenced like a nap

in the afternoon.

Poet is watched by insects:

a horsefly

and a pile of ants.

Poet is silenced by jittering

of pigeons.

Where’s the hellatious

hand throw

he used to know?

the hellatious handball

he used

to throw? He knows it

became flat, less narrative,

more of a poetic scandal

poetic disturbance

poetic fallacy

poetic insurrection

poetic insolence

phallic insulin balance

condolence handle.

Brian Janisse (July ‘18) remembers, “Life changes had shifted the way I understood my inner voice; a new frequency was coming into focus.”

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