Christa (July ‘18) shares her thoughts on her childhood hero /heroine with us.

“I didn’t relate to many hero/heroine figures as a child, but one that stood out to me was Lizzie Compton. I read about how at the age of 14 she dressed as a boy and went off to fight in the Civil War.

She was found out numerous times, but kept moving on, choosing a new boy’s name, and rejoining the army. She fought in quite a lot of battles. When she was arrested for dressing like a man said, “I would rather die than be a lady.”

I’m not entirely sure why I found her story so striking. Perhaps it was because I had a conservative dad and was already running up against the fact that the rules were very different for me and my brothers. I was meant to stay clean, to sit quietly, and someday get married and have children. I used to dream about and crave adventure but even in the 1980s there wasn’t that much of it for girls!

Nowadays I realize that adventure typically means danger, and so I don’t crave it as much. But I still have a ton of admiration for women who braved criticism and even arrest to go fight for causes they felt strongly about.”


Frances, Editor comments on “I was born in/at….”

“After high school, I went to school out of state where I did not know one person. I was continually meeting new people who heard my clipped accent and asked, “Where are you from?” or “Where were you born?”

At the time, I developed something of a smart-aleck response. When asked “Where were you born?” I answered, “In a parking lot.”

The 1960s were more a time of being more proper than today. At my remark I saw many wide eyes and open mouths.

Usually a person said, “Really?”

I did not want to allow my misleading comment to stand unexplained, so I would expand, “Well, yes. Where I was born IS NOW a parking lot. Back then, however, it was Goshen General Hospital!”


Our Monthly Question for August, “I was born in/at…” will continue for September. A new one will join it: “What item you don’t currently possess would you like to have in your home?”

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