The death of step-son John has deeply affected my life on several levels. Even though he had a very small estate, it’s taking a lot of our thoughts and energy. My wife and I are having a Celebration of life this Saturday, which also has required much attention.

Our renter, Paul (and fiancée, Mary) moved out to rent the half of the double where John lived. We are in the process of making arrangements for that. A couple in the other half wants to buy the double from me. (John and I were co-owners with full rights of survivor ship.)

As a side-effect of Paul’s move, his usual extra duties as part of the rest fall to me. I’m doing yard work, cleaning our house every week and running miscellaneous errands, too.

With John’s passing, my wife and I also need to revise our wills. We have been meeting with our new attorney. (The previous one died and his partner wound up taking over the practice.) Fortunately she was familiar with a lot of his clients’ cases. 

To top off all these changes and activities, we are having my wife’s annual Family Reunion. Siblings are coming in from the Austin area of Texas and from San Diego, with others from mostly Indiana and some Ohio!

We’ll be glad to get back to the routine of just seeing doctors, and grocery shopping!


Simon Stargazer III (Aug. ‘18) adds, “My wife and I are still in mourning.”

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