Hummingbird at the  usual kind of feeder Hummingbird at the  usual kind of feeder

Hummingbird at the usual kind of feeder

My mother had several hummingbird feeders around her back patio. We kids would go sit out on the sofas in the screened in area.

We were sitting out there one day when she told us, “Be quiet! Sit very still.”

I knew about her little bird friends because they flew all around the feeders. It was comical to watch them fight over which feeder they would land on.

But that day, my mother walked outside to a little bench near the feeders. I was curious to see what was going to happen.

She sat down and put a special little feeder in the palm of her hand. She stretched her arm out with her hand open. She sat so perfectly still that one may have thought she was a statue. I didn’t even see her breathing!

We sat there for close to 10 minutes. Then, right before my eyes, only 6 feet away, two little hummingbirds flew closer and closer to my mom’s hand.

They were flying in a circle, not quite sure whether they wanted to land or not. Finally, one landed on her finger. The second one also came in for a landing.

As I sat there and watched these little birds sitting in my mom’s hand drinking from the tiny feeder, I saw the love that she had for all birds and especially hummingbirds.

Meschelle (July18) adds, “This is one of the more beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed.”

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