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Here’s the weekly topic line up for September 2018:

Week 1: “Tomorrow I need to…”

Week 2: “The sickest I’ve ever been was …”

Week 3: “The last time I went camping was …”

Week4:When I play Monopoly, I usually…”


Many thanks to everyone who has taken time to make short comments to our weekly NINEPATCH GROUP postings.

Following is a letter-like comment reader Linda Rosenthal (Aug. ‘18) made on last months topic, “For fun I like to…”

For fun, I like to travel and explore. Like discovering a sky full of hovering, dancing fireflies in a remote Kansas field very late on a summer night, I enjoy the unexpected. This past spring, Bill and I were returning from our winter trip to New Mexico. We made a stop in Nashville, Tennessee. We drove to the city’s Centennial Park.

In Nashville Centennial ParkIn Nashville Centennial Park

In Nashville Centennial Park

As we wandered through the park, hundreds of people began showing up. They were strolling around, holding up their cell phones as they walked. “What are they doing?,” my husband asked. I thought that they were playing “Pokemon” and indeed, they were. I don’t know anything about the game, but it was fun to watch the people having fun. The park became a playground for adults and children.”


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