Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! Denki! THANK YOU!


I don’t often have the space to thank all the volunteers who help get this newsletter to you.

First, I want to thank those who touch this copy right before it goes to print –the proof-readers. June Poucher reads first by e-mail. She sends me corrections. Once those are made, James proofs a paper copy which presents other little trouble-spots.

With the WORD format e-issue, Ninepatch goes to our website volunteer, Lynn D., who posts the issue to our site. ( www.Ninepatch9.org)

Special thanks to our treasurer, Georgene. Every month she reviews receipts I have sent and notifies me which one(s) I have forgotten to send or are otherwise questionable.

She also puts together an end-of-year report for the board members so we can plan for the following year. In addition, she also serves on our Board.

Speaking of the Ninepatch Board, thanks to Christa, who serves on it and brings a unique, more youthful point of view to our discussions.

Another thank you goes to our note-writers. Paper issue readers receive a sticky note on every issue from one of our three note-writers: James, Georgene and Leigh.

Last, thanks to Bill who helped set up our Facebook Ninepatch Group and still helps trouble shoot!

Without the assistance of these folks, many of whom have multiple arms of assistance, publishing this newsletter would be impossible.

Editor, Frances Fritzie

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