Here’s a story about God’s goodness, caring, blessing and providing for me.

One morning, I put on my NEAT team t-shirt.( I’m a part of’  special group at work.)

As I often do lately, I walked to the nearby Tim Horton’s café for my coffee and muffin.  Next thing I knew, I spilled coffee all over the front of my shirt!

I was beside myself! I thought for sure I was going to be mocked and made fun of because my shirt was messed up.

It turned out God was already was one step ahead of me. (He always scouts ahead and sees the outcome of the situation and how he’s going to bless me.)

When I got to work, I discovered I had an extra shirt in my locker.  Not just any shirt, but a nice polo shirt.  I thought to myself, “Praise Jesus!”

Bookworm (Oct.’18) adds, “God will take what is a bad situation and turn it into awesomeness.”

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