My latest read of import is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John    Irving whose books are always good. Irving is a great writer.

This one in particular has Owen Meany talking in capital letters. What he says is always pithy and important. He is supremely intuitive and able to get to the heart of any matter –a manager type, able to see the bigger picture.  He and his young wealthy boyhood friend are inseparable, in spite of the fact that Owen’s stunted growth at birth is a liability for him. His boyhood friend is damaged as well, in that his father’s identity has been kept from him.Owen’s chutzpa and “smartz” get him through life.  He has intuited that he will die young saving young people, has faith that this is so, and sees his life through in spite of the Vietnam War and the rumors surrounding his idol, Jack Kennedy.

 It’s a strong message of faith and definitely one to reread.


Gail (July ’18) adds, “Irving’s Hotel New Hampshire was funny, yet a great human interest story. His Cider House Rules was a great movie. The last I knew he was retired and living in my home state of Vermont.” 

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