Last month, our group read Eleanor and Hick by Susan Quinn.

In letters between Eleanor and Hick (reporter Lorena Hickok), the book tells the love story they shared.  It also gives a window into the marriage of Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In addition, it touches on the events surrounding the Depression and lead-up to World War II.

I imagine some in book club will be quite surprised by the story Eleanor and Hick.  I was aware of their story from seeing Ken Burn’s series on the Roosevelts on Public Television.  (See next page.)

I enjoyed it very much.  I came away with the feeling that people, even famous ones, are much more complicated and multi-dimensional than the way we often think of them.

The book is definitely well sourced and documented.  I am glad I read it.

Chantal (See her note in AROUND THE FRAME.) She says, “I would add that the story may not be for everyone.” 

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