Frances, Editor   has this to say about “I am (fairly) good at…”

“Organizing must be my forte!   Often when I talk about projects I have or preparations to travel, friends comment, “You are so organized!”  I do not think of myself in those terms. However, I can see why others might.

Life is interesting. Many ideas and activities attract me. I want to participate!  For example, tomorrow I am taking a turn at hosting my Goshen, Indiana spiritual group. It’s usually a potluck, but the host makes the entree and provides drinks, etc.

In order fit this into my active schedule, a month ago I decided which recipe I would serve. Not long after, I bought the necessary ingredients. I also determined I would use my everyday plates, cups, glasses and silverware.

Last week I made a new list of drinks to have on hand: cider, bottled tea, bottled water and coffee. The past Sunday I cleaned the master bathroom “for company” and straightened that bedroom –neither of which I use daily.

            This morning, I took frozen hamburger out to defrost. Later today I will go to the store and buy the bottled drinks and probably grapes, too. Before I go to bed, I’ll grate the cheese for the recipe.

            Tomorrow, the major work beyond putting the recipe together is to Swiffer, wipe surfaces and clean my bathroom.

            I suppose one could call that organized!  To me it’s how I fit many adventures into my one life.”


Christa (Aug. ’18) comments on a previous topic, “The thing I love most about nature is…”

“I love most how being outdoors is the complete opposite of my working life. I spend my days in front of a computer screen, typing away, writing whatever I’m assigned, and also answering emails and managing social media for clients. There are benefits to working from home, but the biggest drawback is that I’m always at work since I’m always near my computer.

Outside, especially at the beach or on a walking trail, I’m far away from the electronic devices that are the shackles of my work life. I can forget about clients, deliverables, word counts, and keywords. I can turn my phone off or even leave it at home.

Out in nature I get fresher air and sunshine as well as interesting sounds and smells. I feel a lot less frazzled because there’s nowhere I need to be and nothing I have to check. I can relax my eyes since there are no screens.  I can really engage with my kids or just enjoy watching them be loud and crazy where there’s nothing to break.

I think that we human beings have gained many comforts by living in an artificial world, but we’ve also lost something along the way. Though I can’t name it or even define it, going into nature gives me a glimpse of what that thing-we-have-lost might be!”


Our Monthly Question for November 2018, “I am (fairly) good at….” will continue. A new topic will join it, “If neither time nor money were an issue, what do you think would be the most enjoyable way to travel from New York to California?”

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