She had become a fixture in that corner of my living room. Helium filled, I received the Mylar balloon for my May 2018 birthday. Though remarkable in her endurance, four months later she began to sag into the chair and her anchor. I cut the ribbon that tethered her and Happy Birthday was free to wander the house.

Her first stop was inches from my face, as though she came to thank me for her freedom. Then off she went across the room to the love seat by a wall of mirrors. When I went to bed, she was still by the mirrors admiring herself.

When I got up the next morning, she was nowhere in sight! I went looking for “Happy Birthday” and found her in my wife’s bedroom. Since my wife was away, I didn’t think the balloon would stay in that empty room long.

happy birthday balloon

As I write, she already moved into the hallway.


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